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Teaching Shapes: Pumpkin-style

Teaching shapes: pumpkin-style is a fun way to put a Halloween/Fall twist on learning shapes. If you child is old enough have them draw the shapes, but if they are too young you can cut out different shapes and ask them to put them on the pumpkin. If you want to go the more messy, more expensive, injury-inducing, ER visit style you can use real pumpkins and a real knife.


Triangle Cat and Dog

 Triangle Cat and Dog are a fun way  to teach a child triangles.

For the Cat: Start with a triangle and fold into three more triangles like the picture to the left. Then turn it over and draw a face.

For those who are more dog lovers like me, here is how you fold the paper for the dog.

For the Dog: Start with an upside bottom triangle and fold the bottom like the picture below. Then fold two triangle ears down toward the folded bottom. Flip over and draw a face.

Seek and Find Game

Seek and Find Game makes a game into finding letters, numbers, shapes around the house. Make it competitive by having a prize for the one who gets all the items first. Rules should be you can only use the item once for the checklist. For younger ones: make a sheet for colors, animal pictures, etc.

The Shapes Game

 The Shapes Game is a game to learn shapes. Tape signs on the wall and tell child to go find toys or other items that fit the sign. Be creative. Try hexagons, diamonds, ovals, and other more complex shapes as well.