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Getting a child to read. Part 4

Make-up a story using their name. I used my son’s name at the beginning, then wrote about an ocean adventure using words he was learning from Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading. He smiled when he read his name at the top. Unfortunately, he did not appreciate how the story ended.

Tip: When writing a story using your child’s name. Give it a happy ending! 



Getting a child to read. Part 3

Make up a funny story using words they are learning to read.

Here’s a story I made up using words from Ordinary Parent’s Guide to Teaching Reading.


imageimageMy son thought my drawing of “chick on Chet’s chin” looked      like Chet was actually eating the chick. I can see how he would think that.

Getting a child to read. Part 2

My son is actually pretty good at reading for a 5-year-old,  well at least I think he is.

Since he’s my son-I know he’s a genius. But little Einstein here doesn’t like to read.

But he does like tic-tac-toe, so we combined reading and the game.

For each word he read, he could draw his “O”. Then for each sentence he read, he could take his turn again.

Einstein loving reading time, pictured below.