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Indoor Mini Golf

It has been a long time since I have posted because:

(1) My computer died

(2) Family vacation

(3) I’ve been reading a lot during free time which will be some new recommendations on my blog

(4) Did I mention my computer died?

Anyways, here are some fun ideas for indoor mini golf.

Indoor Mini Golf

The first option (1st two pictures): is Mini-mini-super Mini golf. Make greens out of play dough and make a hole. Use a marble or other small ball as the golf ball. My kiddos used plastic knives as the golf club. My one son is using a golf club from a cake decoration. You could use about anything.

The second option (the last two pictures): Remove-the-vent-covers Mini Golf. I took the vent covers off and put a towel inside with a plastic cup (tall sippy cup) on top of the towel and pushed it down flush with the carpet. I pushed the rest of the towel around the open areas of the vent so the ball wouldn’t go down. My oldest was creative and found a paper roll to use as a obstacle. You could use pillows as obstacles and blankets as sand dunes. Beware that you might find yourself enjoying this game more than your children.  🙂





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