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The Colorful Balloons Game

IMG_7088 The Balloon Color Game:

Blow up many different colors of balloons. Place scotch tape upside down in a band around the hand taping it to itself. Then yell out a color. Your child(ren) will try to stick as many balloons of that color onto their hands. The one with the most balloons wins. Great way to teach colors and to learn counting.

Variation: try scotch tape on other areas of the body like a leg, foot, or rear-end to make it more of a challenge. Don’t use duct-tape or stronger tape or it will pop the balloons when you try to take the balloon off.


Scrabble for Kids

Scrabble for Kids:

My son really wanted to play with our Scrabble game the other day so we made up a 3-year-old version. I would yell out a letter and he would have to find all the tiles with that letter on it. Afterwards, he would count how many letters he found to get points. If you don’t have a scrabble game you could use Boggle or another letter game or just cut out pieces of paper and write letters on them. What is not fun about this game is when the 3-year-old beats you.

Teaching Over and Under

It is probably because I am a tactile learner that I teach things with things instead of using pictures or videos, but my sons seem to have inherited that from me. Also, the younger the child the harder it would be for them to sit and be still while you teach them something. My 3-year-old made this bridge so we played the game “Over and Under.” Simple. You yell out one of the words and have them act it out. Word of caution: Two kids might try to go under at opposite ends at the same time and collide. I speak from experience.

Swat the Fly

 This is a game my son helped invent. It is called Swat the Fly. I drew flies on Post-it notes and he would swat them with a fly swatter. We counted how many he would hit to the floor and how many were left to attack. You can do any variation of this game: mosquitoes, wasps, or maybe pictures of relatives you don’t care for.

Outdoor Bingo

Outdoor Bingo is a fun game to play on warm days. Make Bingo cards for kids to find objects. Depending on your location you can make it fit your environment.

Seek and Find Game

Seek and Find Game makes a game into finding letters, numbers, shapes around the house. Make it competitive by having a prize for the one who gets all the items first. Rules should be you can only use the item once for the checklist. For younger ones: make a sheet for colors, animal pictures, etc.

Spots and Stripes

Spots and Stripes is a game to spot spots and spy stripes. Have a child look through the house: cabinets, books, movies, etc. to find objects that have spots or stripes. If you have an animal book have the child pick out animals with spots or stripes. Also, find out why certain animals look the way they do. Camouflage? Attracting mates?

Dollar Diner

Dollar Diner is a fun game to teach counting money. Make up a menu. Ask the child what food they would like to sell. Make money and coins out of paper or use real money if you don’t have an infant around. Since I have a 9 month old crawling around I prefer paper coins in case big brother drops one on the ground.

The Shapes Game

 The Shapes Game is a game to learn shapes. Tape signs on the wall and tell child to go find toys or other items that fit the sign. Be creative. Try hexagons, diamonds, ovals, and other more complex shapes as well.

The Color Game

The Color Game makes learning colors into a game. Tape color signs on the wall and tell kids to put toys that are the same color underneath the sign. If they are older you can use more unique colors like silver, teal, maroon, etc. Allow them to use items that aren’t just toys for the more unique colors.