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Paint a Light Switch Cover

 Letting your child paint a light switch cover is a great way for them to feel included in making your house more your own. When using acrylic paint it is best to use an unfinished wood cover. If you use a plastic cover the paint will gradually peel off. We used the plastic ones with permanent markers for a VBS (vacation Bible school) craft and the kids loved it.

The paint job pictured to the left here is my 3 year old’s creation. He started with a blue base, then added white, then tan, gray, purple, green, blue, light blue, then brown, and then mommy cut him off because by the time he would have finished we wouldn’t have been able to get to the light switch because of the thousands of paint layers.


Cottonball Art

Cottonball Art is an inexpensive fun way to make 3-D artwork. Have the kids think of white fluffy animals, objects, or foods that they could make. Paste the cottonballs on to hang them up. Examples: sheep, roasting marshmallows, clouds, snow, etc.

Art Show

Art Shows are a fun way for kids to display their artwork. Have them set up areas around the house for their work. Write on paper the name of the paintings, drawings, or sculptures. Invite friends, neighbors, and family members to the show. Serve snacks and check out books from the library on famous artists and artwork for guests to see.