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Scrabble for Kids

Scrabble for Kids:

My son really wanted to play with our Scrabble game the other day so we made up a 3-year-old version. I would yell out a letter and he would have to find all the tiles with that letter on it. Afterwards, he would count how many letters he found to get points. If you don’t have a scrabble game you could use Boggle or another letter game or just cut out pieces of paper and write letters on them. What is not fun about this game is when the 3-year-old beats you.


Erase ABC’s Game

Write letters of the alphabet on a wipe-off board and have your child erase the letters you tell them. Little kids have a hard time writing letters so this is a way to learn the alphabet without the struggle of penmanship. If you don’t have a wipe-off board you can use a mirror or a glass window. Make sure the window is not facing a busy street or people will think your child is very friendly “waving” often. Maybe that’s not a bad thing. Scratch that. Have your child erase letters on a window facing a street. Teaching both ABC’s and how to be polite.

Alphabet Bingo

Print a Bingo card here:


Alphabet Bingo is a fun way to learn letters. When I’ve read about teaching your children the alphabet experts say that it is important to show the uppercase and lowercase letters together and mix them up since children memorize their order.

Tip: Don’t use animal crackers like I did, unless you want the game to go on forever since the Bingo pieces disappear.

Fishing for letters and numbers

Fishing for letters and numbers is a fun way to learn the alphabet or numbers. For older children learning to read try using sight words. (the, and). To make: Cut out colorful fish and attach a paper clip. Make a fishing pole out of a long stick and tie string. Then, attach a magnet as the hook.