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Construction Sites: Rice and Cloud Dough




What to do on a cold, blizzard-y day?

Make construction sites of course.

Rice Construction Site:

from Dirt & Boogers

I used a cake pan and a cookie sheet with raised sides to contain the building materials a.k.a rice. I colored the rice blue and another bag green, then mixed them.

Tip: Play with rice on a non-carpeted floor since sweeping is easier than vacuuming in my opinion. I vacuumed for quite a few minutes one evening, but still kept hearing the clinking and rattle of rice hitting the plastic of the vacuum container.

IMG_5240 IMG_5225









Cloud Dough Construction Site: from PBS


I didn’t have baby oil this time, but I did have Neutrogena Body Oil so I used that instead. I’m sure any body type oil would work. I’ve made this with baby oil before and it smells very nice.

Notice the plastic table cloth on the floor to catch the construction debris. I also used a lid from a big Rubbermaid container as the fence.

IMG_5112 IMG_5004 IMG_4955


Road Trip Solutions: Seeing in the Dark (without night vision goggles.)

Driving in the dark with kiddos that don’t need to sleep yet can be hard, especially if they need to eat supper.Eating in the dark is extremely difficult.

We’ve tried flashlights, but they think it’s funny to shine light at the driver, or they just forget and don’t realize they are shining it up front. Which is too dangerous.

So during our latest road trip I had an epiphany. (Various epiphany pictures)



Glow sticks.

They are bright enough for the kids to see their stuff, but it doesn’t distract the driver. As for distracting the passing cars, I’m sure they are trying to figure out what kind of party is going on in the backseat.

IMG_4483I bought mine from Walmart by the party favor section for less than $5. 

Oriental trading sells all sorts of them also. 

I keep the bag of them in the car so they are right where I need them since they last for one use only. 

Bb and Dd reversal game.

IMG_1897 IMG_1898More Bb and Dd reversal fun.

Tape 4 squares on the floor and add the uppercase and lowercase b’s and d’s. We used colorful duct tape.

Bb/Dd Game:

Parent: Yells out “Lowercase d, Uppercase B, etc.”

Child jumps on the letter the parent calls out.

Good times. 🙂

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Indoor Mini Golf

It has been a long time since I have posted because:

(1) My computer died

(2) Family vacation

(3) I’ve been reading a lot during free time which will be some new recommendations on my blog

(4) Did I mention my computer died?

Anyways, here are some fun ideas for indoor mini golf.

Indoor Mini Golf

The first option (1st two pictures): is Mini-mini-super Mini golf. Make greens out of play dough and make a hole. Use a marble or other small ball as the golf ball. My kiddos used plastic knives as the golf club. My one son is using a golf club from a cake decoration. You could use about anything.

The second option (the last two pictures): Remove-the-vent-covers Mini Golf. I took the vent covers off and put a towel inside with a plastic cup (tall sippy cup) on top of the towel and pushed it down flush with the carpet. I pushed the rest of the towel around the open areas of the vent so the ball wouldn’t go down. My oldest was creative and found a paper roll to use as a obstacle. You could use pillows as obstacles and blankets as sand dunes. Beware that you might find yourself enjoying this game more than your children.  🙂





IMG_3083 IMG_3133 IMG_3134

Games invented by a 3-year-old


Upper Left: Paper towel stacking. Count how many you can stack.

Upper Right: Lid toss. Get a bucket and toss tupperware lids in it. Count how many you make. Could make it into a competition (for the competitive-type people like myself).


Pictured above: Up and away. Put a small fan facing toward the ceiling and throw plastic grocery bags into the fan wind and watch them fly.


Pictured above: Spray bottle target practice. Make a target out of paper and fill up a spray bottle. Set the sprayer to spray a streaming line.

Wall Art/Photo Frame Ideas

Wall Art/Photo Frame Ideas

We are now hanging pictures in our new house so I thought I’d share.  Sorry I don’t have a very good camera or photography skills. The first picture is of our new art wall. I spent hours on pinterest trying to find a way to hang the kiddos art and still be able to change it easily. There are lots of great ideas, but most were time-consuming and too pretty. I say pretty because there were some really cool painted frames with a clip to hold pictures, but I have boys, so the pretty frames weren’t going to look good if they draw a picture of mommy getting stitches in her leg. There is also a picture frame you can buy at places like Target that the door opens and you can change out the picture (for just one it was going to be $15). Another person had painted cookie sheets and used a magnetic to hang drawings. All were great ideas, but I wanted the drawings to be the focus on the wall.

Picture 1: Wall mount sign holder. We got vertical and horizontal sign holders.

Picture 2 & 3: Close-up of the sign holders.

Picture 4 & 5: The first finger paintings my sons did and the photo of them doing it. Used a cheap 11×14 document frame from Wal-Mart and turned the backing around so the black color would show through. I also wrote a little tag with the date and their age underneath the photo.

Picture 6: Pictures of them taking a bath together. Hanging in the bathroom. My mom’s cousin gave me this idea.

Picture 7 & 8: Pics of me and my hubby (much younger photos) and hung like pics you would take in a photo booth. We made silly faces and printed them in black and white.

Picture 9 & 10: Old pages of a children’s workbook from 1960’s that was in my grandparent’s attic. I love #10 picture.

Picture 11: Plates we got at a garage sale and hung over the kitchen sink with plate disc hangers.

IMG_7853 IMG_7855 IMG_7856IMG_7859 IMG_7857IMG_7862 IMG_7863 IMG_7864 IMG_7865 IMG_7866 IMG_7869

Bath Paints

IMG_7518IMG_7495Bathtub Paints

This is one of my kids favorite activies to do! There are numerous ways to make bathtub paint. Most of the time I just look in the cabinet or cupboards to see which ingredients I have.

Edible Paint: Just add food coloring

1) Vanilla pudding

2) Cool whip

3) Yogurt

Non-edible Paint: Just add food coloring

1) Baby body liquid soap

2) Shaving cream

3) Clear bubble bath liquid

4) White Shampoo

Caution: Don’t use lotion or conditioner because it is made to soak in so it might stain your tub or grout.

Tip: Make sure and tell your children if you switch from edible to non-edible paint. My 16 month old was not too excited when he licked body soap!

Silly Putty

IMG_6548Silly Putty

3/4 cup Elmer’s white glue

1/2 cup liquid starch

Food coloring

Directions: Put glue in bowl and slowly add starch. Knead with your hands. Add food coloring to make different colors. You need to knead it for a long time. Just when you think you ruined it and it won’t turn out it starts to form the putty. Store in a baggie for continued play.

Warnings about silly putty from website:

1) Keep away from cloth surfaces. Putty sticks to clothing and cannot easily be removed.

2)Avoid swallowing the putty. The ingredients aren’t edible.

3)Some do-it-yourself silly putty recipes call for the use of borax. Be aware that borax has been deemed “toxic for reproduction” and is on the EU’s Substance of Very High Concern (SVHC) list.[2]

Mattress Slide

Mattress Slide is an activity that my 3-year-old came up with.

We lay his twin mattress on top of the recliner in his room. We have also used an inflatable mattress and leaned it against a couch.

Don’t forget the pile of soft blankets at the bottom or it isn’t quite so much fun.

Shadow Puppets

Shadow Puppets are a fun winter activity. It gets darker sooner so it is a perfect time of year for it. Make sure it is really dark in the room and shine a flashlight or set-up a lamp to shine at a wall. You could hang a white bed sheet if you need too.

The picture to the left is my Doberman shadow puppet.

The picture to the right was taken out of a 1970’s children’s activity book called: Rainy Day Pastimes 215 Ideas to Keep Children Happy.

Let me know if you come up with any other shadow puppet.