Road Trip Solutions: Seeing in the Dark (without night vision goggles.)

Driving in the dark with kiddos that don’t need to sleep yet can be hard, especially if they need to eat supper.Eating in the dark is extremely difficult.

We’ve tried flashlights, but they think it’s funny to shine light at the driver, or they just forget and don’t realize they are shining it up front. Which is too dangerous.

So during our latest road trip I had an epiphany. (Various epiphany pictures)



Glow sticks.

They are bright enough for the kids to see their stuff, but it doesn’t distract the driver. As for distracting the passing cars, I’m sure they are trying to figure out what kind of party is going on in the backseat.

IMG_4483I bought mine from Walmart by the party favor section for less than $5. 

Oriental trading sells all sorts of them also. 

I keep the bag of them in the car so they are right where I need them since they last for one use only. 


2 responses

  1. What a great idea, and fun! Glow sticks are a huge hit around here, also. I’ll definitely be bringing a few along on our next trek to Nana’s house.

    1. I’m glad! I know kids enjoy glow sticks, but I have to admit I’m a huge fan as well.

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