Moon Phases: Using a Flashlight, Balls, Oreos, Spaceships (okay, maybe not spaceships)

IMG_0214Oreo Moon Phases using Oreo’s is my most favoritest (not a real word) Science Activities. There are so many awesome blogs that have used the glorious cookie and they would be useful for older kiddos. Since mine are 5 years and under I had to simplify the phases by only teaching 4 of them. Full moon (not the backside form), Last Quarter, First Quarter, and New Moon. 


Additional Moon Info:

NASA link about the moon



Moon monster gobbling up the moon.


Junior moon monster eating the cream part of the moon.




Another way to learn about moon phases is using a flashlight and balls. Here is a NASA link for another way to show moon phases as well.

Non-edible Moon Phases Activity

The earth: Big blue ball

The moon: Small white ball

The Sun: flashlight.

Space: Dark room

I started by asking questions to my son like:

1) Why is the moon so bright? (The light from the sun)

2) Why does the moon change? (Orbiting around the earth, earth orbiting the sun)

If you hold the moon (white ball) around the other side of the earth (blue ball) you can get a shadow to cast on the white ball. How the picture is below technically shows a Solar ellipse because the moon is lined up with the earth and sun and the moon is blocking the light. To show moon phases move the moon (white ball) behind the earth to cast a shadow on the moon.








3 responses

  1. We did this earlier in the year and had a blast! Happy learning!

    1. Thank you! I think Oreo’s are necessary for all learning activities. 🙂

      1. I agree! Food always makes learning more enjoyable!

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