Colorful Ooey-gooey Mess-free Handwriting Practice (and Bb/Dd Reversal)


Colorful Ooey-Gooey Mess-free Handwriting Practice:

Step 1: Print off or hand-write Practice Sheets

Step 2: Fill a gallon baggie with colorful goo and close bag.

Step 3: Place baggie over sheet (Don’t put sheet in bag or the paper will get mushy)

(Tape it down if the bag moves too much)

Colorful Goo: 


1) Cool whip/Whipping cream with food coloring

2) Liquid Soap with food coloring

3) Clear shampoo with food coloring

-Child can use their finger or a pen with the lid still on.



2 year old brother “Doing school” with 4.5 yr old brother who is actually doing school. 🙂


Oldest is working on Bb and Dd since he mixes up the lower case letters of b and d.

Great articles on Bb and Dd reversals from:

All about Learning

Logic of English










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