Theology for Kids: DVD series

http://www.theTheo: God's Heart, DVD   -

My husband and I were researching children’s curriculum for Sunday school and came across these DVD’s. We were disappointed with the current moralistic-legalistic-be-good-do-good-you’re awesome kid’s curriculum. These DVD’s have some big theological words, but they are presented in an easy to understand way. There is solid Biblical teaching through this series and it shares the gospel. I love them.

Here is a link to the parent’s guides on the Theo website: is having a sale and 3 out of 4 DVD’s are only $5.

Here is a youtube video to get a look at Theo:



5 responses

  1. We have three of these and love em!

    1. I’m so happy you recommend them too!

  2. Great! So what ages would you recommend these for?

    1. After reading a bunch of reviews from other moms, most say anywhere from ages 2 to 12. The website mentions school-aged kids. My 2 year old will watch whatever big brother is watching so even though he is too young to understand he is still hearing Biblical truths and the gospel.

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