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Sometimes as a parent you just need to read articles like this. I didn’t write it either so that wasn’t a self-promoting statement.

This article: The Down-to-Earth Gospel for Parenting, is fantastic. It was encouraging, Biblical, and should be re-read many times to be reminded of some truths.

Some golden nuggets from this article:  

1) “Many parents fall prey to the lie that we can discipline the sin out of our children.”

2) “Though it may seem counterintuitive to let down your guard and reveal personal sin to your children, by doing so you’re teaching them not to depend on themselves, you, or any other mere human as their example. Instead, you’re pointing them toward the sturdy, never-failing resources of Christ.”

3) “Yet I am convinced what they need most is the full-bodied gospel that involves a down-to-earth theology of sin. They must learn to travel often down the gospel road of confession, forgiveness, and freedom in Christ.”


Theology for Kids: DVD series

http://www.theTheo: God's Heart, DVD   -

My husband and I were researching children’s curriculum for Sunday school and came across these DVD’s. We were disappointed with the current moralistic-legalistic-be-good-do-good-you’re awesome kid’s curriculum. These DVD’s have some big theological words, but they are presented in an easy to understand way. There is solid Biblical teaching through this series and it shares the gospel. I love them.

Here is a link to the parent’s guides on the Theo website: is having a sale and 3 out of 4 DVD’s are only $5.

Here is a youtube video to get a look at Theo: