Must Read Monday: This is No Fairy Tale

This is No Fairy Tale by Dale Tolmasoff isn’t another fairy tale book. It is the very true story of Jesus. It talks about that if Jesus’ story was a fairy tale he would have been born a prince in a castle and lived with the king and queen, but His story isn’t a fairy tale so He was born to a poor family and laid in a manger. Page 22 says “if this were a fairy tale, King Jesus would have lived a long life and died in his bed surrounded by his family and friends  This truth is when Jesus was still a young man the people killed him. They treated him like a criminal, even though he was good.” I love the part where it says “if this were a fairy tale, the story would end when Jesus died.” But we know it didn’t so this is such a great book for kids. Fairy tales are great fun and allow your imagination to take you to far away places and go on great adventures. But the greatest story ever told wasn’t a story, it was real.



4 responses

  1. Neat. I’ve not heard of this book! Will check it out for sure! Thank you.

    1. It is great. You would love it.

  2. Neat find! Love the look of the book too!

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