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Must Read Monday: This is No Fairy Tale

This is No Fairy Tale by Dale Tolmasoff isn’t another fairy tale book. It is the very true story of Jesus. It talks about that if Jesus’ story was a fairy tale he would have been born a prince in a castle and lived with the king and queen, but His story isn’t a fairy tale so He was born to a poor family and laid in a manger. Page 22 says “if this were a fairy tale, King Jesus would have lived a long life and died in his bed surrounded by his family and friends  This truth is when Jesus was still a young man the people killed him. They treated him like a criminal, even though he was good.” I love the part where it says “if this were a fairy tale, the story would end when Jesus died.” But we know it didn’t so this is such a great book for kids. Fairy tales are great fun and allow your imagination to take you to far away places and go on great adventures. But the greatest story ever told wasn’t a story, it was real.



Teaching Kids to Call 911

Teaching 9-1-1

Those 3 little numbers save lives every day. Teaching your child to call 911 might save your life someday. Teaching your child to call 911 also might make you look like an idiot when your son actually does call them. I decided last night that I wanted my 4 year old to know how to call for help. I’m a nurse and I know that emergencies are rare, but a reality. We don’t have a landline so I wanted to show him on my cellphone how to dial 911. My phone was a little too complicated so I added a 911 app on my droid phone. It was a free app, and unfortunely it works too. I say unfortunely because I didn’t actually want to call them since there was no emergency. I spoke with the nice dispatcher lady and ensured her there was no real emergency.

Important tips when teaching 911:

1) Make sure they don’t actually push send on a cellphone

2) Don’t hang-up if you accidentally call them because they will call you back and that ties up the phone lines for real emergencies.

3) Review what real emergencies are: fire, car accidents, caregiver is unresponsive (doesn’t count if it is early morning because night owl’s aren’t responsive in the AM)

4) Make sure your child knows to ask you before calling 911 (with the exception of you are the lone caregiver and are unresponsive)

5) Teach your children their address and phone number. Post this information in a central location so they can go look if they forget.

6) Teach them to stay on the line with the person and don’t hang-up.

7) Teach them to unlock doors to let emergency workers in.

What I learned with my accidental communication with the 911 dispatch is that for really young kids that don’t know their address or truly understand what an emergency is, then teach them to call: mom, dad, or grandparents. My phone has frequent call people on the front of the screen when you turn it on so I showed my son how to press the picture of his dad to call him.

This week is the start of National Public Safety Telecommunications Week (April 14-20). So make sure and thank the dispatchers by not calling them on accident this week! Maybe send a thank you card instead.

911 Dispatcher Shield Reflective Decal - 4 in. Decal



What is Your Child’s Love Language?

Speaking the Foreign Language of Love

Most people are familiar with the book “The 5 Love Languages.” A lot of married couples recommend it to other couples. The basis is that everyone has a love language. It is one of 5 and you can have more than one.

Love Languages:

(1) quality time

(2) words of affirmation

(3) gifts

(4) acts of service

(5) physical touch.

You might have realized after you were married that most times we try to give our spouse our own love language. I would spend time with my hubby and give him gifts and serve him by making certain meals, etc. The problem was. Those weren’t his love languages. He appreciated them, but HIS love languages were: words of affirmation and physical touch. The problem when we only share our own language to someone is that they don’t feel as loved.

So that brings me to the question of: Do you know what your children’s love languages are? The authors that wrote 5 Love Languages wrote a book for children as well. It is easy for your husband or spouse to communicate that they aren’t feeling as loved, but for kids it isn’t that black and white. Your 5-year-old isn’t going to come up to you and say: “Mom, I really appreciate that you hug me all the time, but I really would rather you say encouraging words to me more often.” I think we are all aware of how different our kids are, but in an effort to make all things fair and just sometimes we miss out on speaking their language to them. My oldest son’s love languages are: Time and Gifts. My youngest son: Physical touch. My youngest loves to be held and hugged and snuggled. My oldest’s loves to get little surprise gifts and just to have one-on-one time. Does that mean I never hug my oldest? Heck no, I tackle him and give him a big hug as he is trying to escape it. It does mean that I am more aware and conscious of how I interact with him. I love this printable guide to children’s love languages and ideas how to love on them uniquely.

Lesson Learned on April Fool’s

I LOVE April Fool’s day. Love it. I’ve pulled lots of pranks on my family and friends over the years. But one year my prank didn’t go the way I thought it would. A few years ago my brother and I decided to fool our mom. My brother is in the Air Force stationed in California and we decided it would be fun to pretend that he was being deployed overseas for a year. So we ended the conversation and he called my mom. She called me and told me the news and I acted the part and said he had already told me. She seemed fine when we said our goodbyes after the phone call. About 15 minutes later she calls me back. She proceeds to tell me that she just booked a flight to California to visit my brother before he was deployed to go say goodbye. My heart sunk. You did what? She said she was leaving in an hour and a friend was driving her to the airport. What a clever woman, the prank got thrown back at my face. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. I laughed. She didn’t. What was so funny she asked. I asked her what day it was and she acted confused. I said it was April Fool’s day. Silence on the other end of the phone. I thought the connection was lost. Nope. And then came the scolding. Man, I got it. She not only booked a flight, she had sent an email to her church to send out a prayer request for her son’s deployment. I was speechless. After we ended the call I called my brother and scolded him. I said you were supposed to tell her it was a joke. He said I didn’t think she’d actually do anything about it. My mom hopped on a flight to CA and since she didn’t pack much for lack of time my brother had to buy her a bunch of outfits. April Fool’s joke gone wrong. Lesson Learned. Well….maybe not. 🙂