Family History Activity

Baby RolandYour kids are never too young to hear about family stories. My 3.5 yr old went through a faze of wanting to play camping trip every day. We would get out our sleeping bags and make a tent out of sheets and chairs. I should include that “faze” maybe the wrong word since I still have to pretend to camp every day. These pretend camping adventures brought me back to when I was a little girl and went camping with my family. I started to tell my son all the different camping stories I remembered. His favorite one I tell is about when my dad, mom, brother, and I were camping in a tent at a campground. A storm came and it started to sprinkle, then rain, then lightning, then thunder, then downpour. The tent buckled under the weight of the pond-sized puddle on top and it came down on us. My 5’11’ mom used her pole-sized leg to hold the tent up (my dad was 5’8”). This story always makes my son laugh.

Activity 1: Sit down with your kids and look through old family albums. Tell them stories you remember as your look through the pictures. Look through their baby book with them and tell them stories about when they were babies. Make a journal of memories so you can give them to your children someday.

Activity 2: Have your child ask grandparent’s and even great-grandparent’s questions and record the answers in a notebook or album. Here are some examples of questions they could ask:

1) What kind of games did you play when you were little?

2) Did you play any instruments?

3) What were your parents like? What memories do you have of them?

4) What kind of holiday traditions did your family celebrate?

5) What was your favorite place to visit?

6) Favorite story involving a sibling.

7) Favorite recipes: include copies in the album

8) What kind of jobs did you have?

9) Happiest day of your life?

10) Worse day of your life?

This website lets you type in your last name to see where it came from.

Pictured above: My grandpa as a baby. Wasn’t he cute? 🙂


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