Spilled water = Gospel analogy

My oldest son decided he didn’t like the cup I handed him so he dumped the water on the floor and ran to his room to pout. I told him that when he decided to clean up the spill, then he could come out. After the heart-to-heart with him I came out and my youngest son (18 months old) had taken a towel and was cleaning up the water. I told my oldest to come out and look what his brother was doing. I told him that he deserved to clean up his own mess because it was his wrong. But his little brother was showing grace by taking it upon himself to clean up the spill. I said that’s what Jesus did for us. We made a mess. We sinned and kept sinning, but Jesus took it upon Himself to clean up our mess. He showed us His grace and love when we didn’t deserve it. I told my oldest to tell his brother thank you for being so kind so he gave him a choke-hold hug and the little one started to cry. Point of the story: There is always opportunities to share the gospel with your kids, even when it’s just spilled water on the floor. Also, don’t give Jesus a choke-hold hug to say thank you. “We are not driven to obey Christ in order to get in good with Him; we are driven to obey Christ by a heart that is filled with gratitude for the way He plucked us out of this world and poured His love out on us.” – R.C. Sproul



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