Healthy Snacks for Picky Kids

IMG_4198 IMG_4203 Some of my kids favorite snacks:

Actually saying “favorite” is probably not entirely true since their favorite snacks would be cookies, candy, or cake. I’ll say these are the snacks my kids will actually eat since they are picky. 🙂

1) Apple slices with PB

2) Apple slices with cheese

3) Ants on a log (celery, PB, raisins)

4) Light Cool whip with sugar-free pudding sprinkled on top (you can mix it in also)

5) Applesauce jello (I use raspberry jello)

6) Cut-up Peppers (orange, yellow) with Hummus dip

7) Cut-up prunes (not joking!)

8) Cuties (sweeter than oranges and easier to peel)

9) Yogurt and Cottage cheese mixed

10) Frozen fruit (in a bag in freezer section) mixed with white grape juice






2 responses

  1. Umm, Mel, I hate to break it to you but kids who will eat prunes, cottage cheese, celery & peppers (those are vegetables!!! do they not know??? LOL) may not be classified as picky eaters 😉 Seriously though, good job on coming up with these healthy alternatives to sugary snacks. Teaching and modelling healthy habits early on is so important. Now to figure out what applesauce jello is . . . thanks for the link!

    1. Haha. Just don’t tell my kids that they shouldn’t like those snacks. 🙂 What’s funny is that if u classify a kid as picky then parents are too scared to feed them certain foods. Luckily my husband is not picky and discovered our kids will eat certain weird things like hummus. I think picky eaters are picky from texture too. Don’t think I don’t give them the sugary-zero-nutrition snacks, cuz I do! 🙂

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