Wall Art/Photo Frame Ideas

Wall Art/Photo Frame Ideas

We are now hanging pictures in our new house so I thought I’d share.  Sorry I don’t have a very good camera or photography skills. The first picture is of our new art wall. I spent hours on pinterest trying to find a way to hang the kiddos art and still be able to change it easily. There are lots of great ideas, but most were time-consuming and too pretty. I say pretty because there were some really cool painted frames with a clip to hold pictures, but I have boys, so the pretty frames weren’t going to look good if they draw a picture of mommy getting stitches in her leg. There is also a picture frame you can buy at places like Target that the door opens and you can change out the picture (for just one it was going to be $15). Another person had painted cookie sheets and used a magnetic to hang drawings. All were great ideas, but I wanted the drawings to be the focus on the wall.

Picture 1: Wall mount sign holder. We got vertical and horizontal sign holders.

Picture 2 & 3: Close-up of the sign holders.

Picture 4 & 5: The first finger paintings my sons did and the photo of them doing it. Used a cheap 11×14 document frame from Wal-Mart and turned the backing around so the black color would show through. I also wrote a little tag with the date and their age underneath the photo.

Picture 6: Pictures of them taking a bath together. Hanging in the bathroom. My mom’s cousin gave me this idea.

Picture 7 & 8: Pics of me and my hubby (much younger photos) and hung like pics you would take in a photo booth. We made silly faces and printed them in black and white.

Picture 9 & 10: Old pages of a children’s workbook from 1960’s that was in my grandparent’s attic. I love #10 picture.

Picture 11: Plates we got at a garage sale and hung over the kitchen sink with plate disc hangers.

IMG_7853 IMG_7855 IMG_7856IMG_7859 IMG_7857IMG_7862 IMG_7863 IMG_7864 IMG_7865 IMG_7866 IMG_7869


3 responses

  1. I hang my kids’ art everywhere! Love it! I sometimes joke about my priceless masterpieces! 🙂 I have a long board painted a solid color with metal clips screwed on- not too girly and also easy to change! I love the sign holders! Great idea! And you are hilarious- always make me laugh!

    1. Ohh I really like the painted board idea. Maybe for another wall. 🙂 Thanks!!

  2. Great job on the art wall! I love the finger paint pictures 🙂

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