Must Read Monday: Anno’s Counting Book

Anno's Counting Book Big BookAnno’s Counting Book by Mitsumasa Anno has been around for many years. Like before I was born amount of years. I had this book when I was little and now I bought it for my boys. It’s a great book for learning to count. On the side of each page is cubes counting up to whatever number it is. The pictures are great and they add up to the number as well. For example: The pages for number 8 have 8 houses, 8 children playing, 8 clouds in the sky, 8 trees, etc. I have learned that my 3.5 yr old cheats and looks at the number on the side of the page instead of counting objects so I just cover the number with my hand. He’s a clever little devil. 🙂 description

First there is an empty field. The it is January, the first month of the year.
All alone in the snow stands 1 yellow house. In front, 1 child builds a snowman.
Behind the house is 1 tree and 1 black cow. Now, five months later, it is June.
There are 6 buildings in the field, 6 children playing, and 6 adults working.
One adult tends 6 ducks. Another drives a trains with 6 cars. From 1 to 12,
through the months of the year, the town grows. More houses and trees and
animals and people can be seen until December arrives with all it’s magic.


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