Must Read Monday: The Tale of Three Trees

The Tale of Three Trees is an old folktale retold by Angela Hunt.  Three trees on a hill dream of what they will become. One dreams of being a treasure chest, another dreams of being a mighty ship, the third wants to become the tallest tree on the hill. But none of them become what they imagined. The first tree becomes a common feed box for farm animals, the next becomes a common fishing boat, and the third tree becomes wood beams. As the years pass they almost forget the dreams they once had. One night, the first tree becomes a manager for a little baby boy. The tree realizes that it is holding the most precious treasure in the world, Jesus.

The Tale of Three Trees: A Traditional Folktale

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4 responses

  1. Really lovely story! We did this free lapbook with it a while back:

    1. Thanks for sharing that with me! Very cool!

  2. Great book! My father-in-law read it aloud to the whole family a few years back at Easter. My boys still remember it.

    1. This was one of the first books I bought my son after he was born. It is so much more than a story.

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