I’m Thankful For.


What are you thankful for?

I’m thankful for:

1) Growing up in a family of truly silly people.

(photo: my grandparents, cousin, and little brother)

2) My husband and my best friend (same person)

3) My independent, ornery, thoughtful, smart 3-year-old

4) My lovable, smiley, stinky 1 1/2 year old

5) Also thankful for the fine medical people that took care of me yesterday when I fell on a branch and got it lodged in my leg. Love how the doctor said he wasn’t worried about cosmetics since I needed 14 stitches. Thank you to the pig that I was trying to get back to the hog building also. Last time I got stitches was when a sheep rammed me into a nail. I vow to stay away from farm animals from here on out.

6)  Jesus, who died on a cross for an imperfect sinner who didn’t deserve it (that’s me!)



4 responses

  1. OUCHIE!!! Glad you’re ok though 🙂

    1. My shin will have a nice scar, but I’m good. 🙂

  2. Too funny…and ouch on the last one!

    1. You get to a certain age and think you are too old for certain things to happen. I definitely thought I was too old for stitches.

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