Must Read Monday: I Hate Reading

I Hate Reading is a laugh out loud book about two brothers who hate to read. The authors of this book are two middle school aged brothers. The entire book is giving tips and practical advice on how to look like you are reading when you are not or how to avoid reading. So you are reading a book when you hate reading… description:
This irreverent guide shows elementary-grade students how to avoid the mandated 20 minutes of reading per day. Perfect for struggling and reluctant readers in both mirroring their experience and getting them to read. The book begins like this: “OK. You have to read for 20 minutes. But you don’t want to. Maybe your mom even has a timer. Yikes. Here’s the best book for you. This one. Right here.” Tips range from practical (“eyes on book, butt on chair”) to outrageous (man-eating monsters). Advice includes vacation reading guidelines and how to deal with the kids in your class who actually like to read. Spare text and minimal illustrations make this an attractive book for graphic format fans. Who has the last laugh? The Bacon brothers taunt on the final page, “Ha! Caught you reading,” as reluctant and struggling readers have indeed finished a book.

2 responses

    1. I don’t remember a time when I literally laughed out loud at a children’s book.

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