Indoor Slip ‘N Slide

Indoor Slip ‘N Slide is a fun, and quite dangerous activity to do when you can’t go outside. Fill a bucket with a small amount of water and add a lot of dishsoap to make bubbles, then let your kids dump it on the kitchen floor. I told my kiddos to stay on their knees or hands and knees when on the bubbles. They had a blast. The one time my 3-year-old stood up and walked toward me he ended up on his rear, so just a fractured ego was the only injury we sustained.

Cleaning tip: You pre-wash your clothes and pre-soak your dishes so why not pre-soak your kitchen floor before mopping?


4 responses

  1. What a fun mom you are!!! They will remember these days forever!

    1. Thanks! I hope so. I hope I remember these days forever too!

  2. Way too much fun goin’ on in your household. But I bet your kitchen floor was nice and clean after that!

    1. Never has been that clean before, and probably never will be unless we do that again!

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