Must Read Monday: Pajama Time!

Want to read a nice, calm, relaxing book to get your children to settle down before bed? If your answer is yes, then…Do Not read this book. It is such a fun book. Author Sandra Boynton writes words that make you rap/sing along. Yes, I said rap. description:

Boynton is back! Joining Barnyard Dance! and Birthday Monsters!,
here is Pajama Time! a good-night book with the irrepressible language,
the inimitable illustrations, the irresistible cast of characters only Sandra
Boynton could create.

A jump-roping chicken and a pig on a swing. A
Scottie in plaid pajamas and an elephant in a fuzzy one-piece with feet. And in
sing-along nuttiness reminiscent of Barnyard Dance!, it’s time to head to
bed-to the beat: Pajammy to the left. Pajammy to the right. Jamma jamma jamma
jamma P!J! Everybody’s wearing them for dancing tonight. Jamma jamma jamma jamma


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