Chores: Do I Have To?

Chores is a word that generally doesn’t leave you with a warm fuzzy feeling. When spoken of we instantly regress to toddlerhood and pout and whine, “Do I have to?” For us, as adults, we have to do certain chores because they are a part of life, but little ones LOVE to help out. Most of the time we don’t let them because it is more work for them to “help.” I encourage you to let your children join in on the chores. Let them help with the cleaning, baking, taking out the trash, laundry, shopping, paying bills…okay maybe not paying bills. When I’ve let my son help me bake, yes, most of it ends up on the countertop or floor, but he is learning how to cook. And I have already found great favor with his future wife by teaching him this skill!


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