Do Something Dangerous

Danger is usually a word you want to keep far from your children. Keep kids away from outlets, strangers, stray cats, rusty nails, moving vehicles, allergies, large bodies of water, and any germ on any surface (or maybe the last one is just a paranoid nurse mom’s fear.) While I don’t encourage playing with outlets, or even putting your young child in a bucket of a tractor like my grandpa did. There are healthy ways to encourage your child to do something scary. If they are scared to talk to a grocery clerk, then practice some things they could talk about. If they are scared of a swimming pool, then practice in a bath tub, then move to a baby pool, then work your way up. Let them jump off the couch onto cushions. Let them hammer nails into a piece of wood. There are life-threatening and body-harming activities, and there is healthy risk-taking that teaches your child something great about life. Life is about taking risks and you are their guide. Do Something Dangerous!


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