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Little Cooks

Cook with your kids. When they cook with you they learn a valuable life skill, they learn fractions, and they learn the importance of following directions. When you are baking deliberately misplace a certain measuring cup you’ll need so you can teach fractions. If the recipe calls for a 1/2 cup then use a 1/4 cup instead and teach that two 1/4 cups equal a half. Teach teaspoons and tablespoons also.


Cottonball Art

Cottonball Art is an inexpensive fun way to make 3-D artwork. Have the kids think of white fluffy animals, objects, or foods that they could make. Paste the cottonballs on to hang them up. Examples: sheep, roasting marshmallows, clouds, snow, etc.

Dry Erase on Pictures

I really do like my in-laws. This was just such a great idea I had to try it out on them. I used Washable Dry Erase markers to sketch hats, glasses, etc. on my in-laws. You can also make your family seasonal. Winter scenes. Halloween drawings of spiders and scary faces. Valentines day hearts. The ideas are endless.


Forts are fun for all ages. These are two that my husband and son built.

The one on the left is made from bed sheets clipped to the pull chain of the fan with an office clip.

The one on right is one my son made using couch cushions.

Alphabet Bingo

Print a Bingo card here:


Alphabet Bingo is a fun way to learn letters. When I’ve read about teaching your children the alphabet experts say that it is important to show the uppercase and lowercase letters together and mix them up since children memorize their order.

Tip: Don’t use animal crackers like I did, unless you want the game to go on forever since the Bingo pieces disappear.


Learning about different occupations is a fun way for kids to learn about what different people do for a living. You can base it on your child’s interests. My son loves cats. Don’t ask me why since we have dogs, but he loves visiting the vet’s office in town to see the cats. You can play veterinarian to “sick” stuffed animals (or live ones if your pets are tolerant of small children). If possible, see if you child can job shadow for a short time and see how things really work. Discuss the pros and cons of certain jobs.

Indoor Bingo

Indoor Bingo can be fun no matter what the weather is like outside. Earlier, I showed you Outdoor Bingo. Indoor Bingo is fun on rainy or snowy days.

Outdoor Bingo

Outdoor Bingo is a fun game to play on warm days. Make Bingo cards for kids to find objects. Depending on your location you can make it fit your environment.

Paper Towel Bowling

 Paper Towel Bowling is a cheap, easy way for a child to bowl. Paper towels are easy for kids to set-up, compared to the toy ones we have. To learn math keep a score sheet and have them count how many “pins” they knock down.

Seek and Find Game

Seek and Find Game makes a game into finding letters, numbers, shapes around the house. Make it competitive by having a prize for the one who gets all the items first. Rules should be you can only use the item once for the checklist. For younger ones: make a sheet for colors, animal pictures, etc.